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Braised Aubergine

A dish by Samuel inspired by an amalgam of recipes and what was in the store cupboard that day. You can use any type of aubergine for...

Rabu kola sambol

Rabu kola, fresh and delicious as a sambol. What you need Rabu kola from 2 roots 1 small onion 1 green chillie ¼ cup Grated coconut 1...


Another one from Dilky, this chocolate mousse is so easy to make it’s hard to imagine it can taste so good. You can have this on it’s own...

Mango magic

Mango is delicious as it is but a curry version takes lunch to another level! This one is from Rajesh. What you need 4 Cooking Mangoes ¼...


This is how Rajesh makes a Polos curry and its pretty damn delicious. What you need A polos gediya Coconut oil 1 Small onion chopped 1...

Best Ever Broeder!

A dutch recipe shared by the burgher friends no doubt Think we all have memories of a plastic basin half filled with sticky dough...

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